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Alien Resurrection Clones

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Alien Resurrection was released on November 26, 1997 by 20th Century Fox, and received mixed reviews from film critics. Critics praised the performances of Sigourney Weaver and Ron Perlman, Jeunet's directing, and the film's visual style and score, while the movie's script, inconsistent tone, attempts at humor, and the ending received criticism. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times felt "there is not a single shot in the movie to fill one with wonder", later naming it one of the worst films of 1997, while Desson Thomson of The Washington Post said the film "satisfactorily recycles the great surprises that made the first movie so powerful". The film grossed $47. 7 million in North America, the least successful of the Alien series on that continent. It was well received internationally, however, with a gross of $113. 5 million, bringing its total gross to $161. 2 million. It was the 43rd highest-grossing film in North America in 1997, eleven spots lower than Anastasia, another 20th Century Fox film. The film was nominated for six Saturn Awards (including Best Science Fiction Film, Best Actress for Weaver, Best Supporting Actress for Ryder, and Best Direction for Jeunet).

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