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Chad Channing Nirvana 2017

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Bleach was released on June 15, 1989. Channing played drums on the entire album with the exception of "Floyd the Barber", "Paper Cuts", and "Downer" which featured drummer Dale Crover from an earlier recording session prior to Channing joining the band. In April 1990 Nirvana recorded eight songs at Smart Studios with producer Butch Vig that ended when Cobain blew his voice out. During the sessions, Cobain and Novoselic became disenchanted with Channing's drumming, and Channing expressed frustration at not being actively involved in songwriting. These creative and artistic differences culminated in Channing's departure, a mutual decision within the band. By the time Nirvana made their next attempt at recording, they had recruited Dave Grohl as their new drummer, who adopted many of the same drum parts to the songs Channing had been playing for the new songs. Although uncredited (until the Deluxe edition), the version of "Polly" used on Nevermind is the original version the band recorded with Channing on percussion, the only song carried over from the previous session.

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