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Dinosaur Revolution Dinheirosaurus

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Production of the series began in spring of 2009 (after several months of pre-production) and took three years in total. The series was built around several short- and long-form stories taking place in a number of distinct environments spanning the Mesozoic era. Originally titled Reign of the Dinosaurs, the series was intended not as a documentary, but as a six-hour series of fictional narratives based loosely on the comic book Age of Reptiles by Ricardo Delgado, and employing no narration. Each episode was to be instead followed by one of a companion series, called Science of Reign of the Dinosaurs, which would feature scientists explaining the basis for the preceding story, and pointing out which parts were speculative or imaginary. Due to cuts and changes in marketing strategy by the network and production company, the series was eventually renamed Dinosaur Revolution, and divided into a more traditional format inter-cut with "talking heads," or brief explanations from scientists. The series was also cut from the planned six hours to four. Of the four finished episodes, the first was originally planned to feature the Triassic Chinle Formation of the southwestern United States, and to include Coelophysis, Placerias and Postosuchus in the storyline. However, during production the sequence was changed to the older Ischigualasto Formation of Argentina, and the featured animals changed to Eoraptor, Ischigualastia and Saurosuchus. For this reason, the Ischigualastia model remained anatomically based on Placerias. Scenes featuring Cryolophosaurus and Glacialisaurus were shot in Tenerife.

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