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As long as species have been evolving, species have been going extinct. It is estimated that over 99. 9% of all species that ever lived are extinct. The average lifespan of a species is 1–10 million years, although this varies widely between taxa. There are a variety of causes that can contribute directly or indirectly to the extinction of a species or group of species. "Just as each species is unique", write Beverly and Stephen C. Stearns, "so is each extinction . . . the causes for each are varied—some subtle and complex, others obvious and simple". Most simply, any species that cannot survive and reproduce in its environment and cannot move to a new environment where it can do so, dies out and becomes extinct. Extinction of a species may come suddenly when an otherwise healthy species is wiped out completely, as when toxic pollution renders its entire habitat unliveable; or may occur gradually over thousands or millions of years, such as when a species gradually loses out in competition for food to better adapted competitors. Extinction may occur a long time after the events that set it in motion, a phenomenon known as extinction debt.

A dagger symbol (†) next to a species name is often used to indicate its extinction.An extinct language or dead language is a language that no longer has any speakers, [1] especially if it has no living descendants .Let's taste the conceptual fruit borne of a month's worth of paleontology MS classes.

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