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Fender Mustang Ii Amp

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2016 saw Fender re-introduce the Mustang in two forms: the Mustang (two single coil pickups - in Olympic White, Black and Olive) and the Mustang 90 (two MP90 pickups - in Olympic White, Torino Red and Silver), both in a 24" scale. They have a string-through-body hardtail 'Strat' bridge (no vibrato system as was found on previous Mustangs), with vintage-like bent-steel saddles. These guitars, and a re-introduced 'Duo-Sonic' range, form the 'Offset Series' and are made in Mexico. The bodies are alder and the necks maple, with maple or rosewood fretboards. The rosewood fretboards were then replaced by pau ferro in 2017, in response to new CITES restrictions on the trading of rosewood. Two new colors were also introduced: Shell Pink for the Mustang and 2-Color Sunburst for the Mustang 90. In 2018 Fender introduced an American Performer variant of the Mustang with original style tremolo and three way selector switch instead of the original’s on-off and phase switches above the pickups.

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