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Happy Mask Salesman Ben

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Groose is a bully from the Knights' Academy in Skyward Sword, initially jealous of Link's relationship with Zelda. He often acts in a hostile manner towards Link and is shown to be a constant source of exasperation for Zelda. Nonetheless he is aided by his gang of goons and their ultimate goal is to undermine Link. Groose is responsible for Link losing his loftwing at the very start of the game. However, following Link to Hyrule, Groose finds himself over his head upon learning he is not the hero, and is forced to accept his subordinate status. Becoming more caring, Groose begins acting more noble. He builds a catapult called "The Groosenator" to aid Link in halting The Imprisoned from escaping the pit of the Sealed Grounds and reaching the Sealed Temple, and looks after the elderly overseer of the Sealed Grounds, whom he calls "Grannie". He is playable during the last two battles with the imprisoned. In these circumstances, the player can move the Groosenator around the edge of the Sealed Grounds and fire giant bombs at it.

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