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The U. S. rights for the film eventually fell into the public domain in the late 1980s, which resulted in companies releasing poorly cropped, fullscreen VHS tapes mastered from pan and scan sources. This also led to the film being featured in Mystery Science Theater 3000. In 1988 New World Video intended to release the original uncut unedited version of the English dub but, declined the project, due to a lack of budget that was required for a full unedited release. However, despite this, the film was released uncut and in widescreen in 1992 by UK company, Polygram Ltd as, a double feature with Godzilla vs. Gigan. In 1998 the film was again released by UK company, 4 Front Video. As, of now it appears those are the only two VHS tapes on the film that are unedited and in high quality. It was also released on DVD by Power Multimedia in 1999 in Taiwan. Originally the Sci-Fi Channel showed the cut version, until finally in 2002 as Toho regained ownership of that title alongside Godzilla vs. Gigan and Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (both which also were released by Cinema Shares) and broadcast the film fully uncut for the first time in the US.

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