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John Wetton Bass

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Wetton's first big break came when he joined Robert Fripp (also a native of Dorset) in Fripp's new line-up of King Crimson in 1972, allowing Wetton to come to the fore as a lead singer and composer. Palmer-James also worked with the band as a lyricist. Wetton remained with the band until Fripp unexpectedly disbanded it in 1974. Wetton continued to work on various projects, including a tour with Roxy Music and two albums with Uriah Heep. While still with King Crimson, Wetton had been asked by Roxy Music to sit in on their auditions for a replacement bass player and give his recommendations; finding all of the applicants to be terrible, he offered to do the tour with the group himself so as to give them time to find a good bassist. In 1977, after failed attempts to reunite King Crimson and to create a new band with Rick Wakeman, Wetton formed U. K. with Bill Bruford, who had been in King Crimson alongside him. Wetton recruited keyboard/violin player Eddie Jobson, while Bruford brought in guitarist Allan Holdsworth. U. K. adopted a much more structured, composition-driven approach than King Crimson, per Wetton's preference.

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