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Jurassic Park Builder Aquatic

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Ben Hanson of Game Informer gave the game three and a half stars out of five. Hanson considered the sound effects to be the "weakest part" of the game, and wrote that the game "doesn't do anything exceptional for the genre, but if you have an ounce of love for Jurassic Park you might as well give it a shot. " Mike Wehner of Engadget noted the in-game cost for some items and wrote, "Jurassic Park Builder will certainly satisfy fans of similar games like Farmville or even Sim City, but before you dive into the prehistoric landscape make sure you get your credit card ready. Chances are you're going to need it before long. " Eli Hodapp of TouchArcade wrote, " If you're hoping for a mixture of a Tycoon-style game with Jurassic Park decals and racing stripes, you're going to be sorely disappointed. What we've got here is your average run of the mill free to play building game. Timers are everywhere, we hit our first pay wall about nine minutes in, and come across an array of other time (and money) sinks. "

Like the glacier section of the park,  Amber acquisition is replaced with Expeditions.

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