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In 1974, the older children formed The Kelly Kids (with Caroline on accordion, Kathy on violin, Paul on saxophone, John on drums and cousin Maribel on guitar), at first busking, then performing at parties and local events. John was initially the main vocalist. After a planned dance band dropped off the bill at a city festival in neighboring Santa Anastasia in July 1975, a family friend made contact with the organizers of the festival and arranged for the "Kellys Kids" to perform. For the gig, they expanded their previous repertoire by roughly 20 more songs, which they had to learn within two to three weeks. The performance was a complete success. They became well known enough that they appeared on the Spanish television channel TVE's children's program "La Guagua" in mid-December 1975. In Saragosa, the Kellys performed about 20 minutes for the station TVE under the title "Kelly Kids y sus temas navideños". For Christmas 1975, they played at the Casino España de Ejea. They were also joined by Dan and Barbara, with Dan playing the bombo and asking for money with a hat, and Barbara dancing, as she was a dancer. The band was joined by the younger members of the family as they matured and learned to play musical instruments, starting with Patricia on guitar in 1975. The band's popularity increased in Spain, with several performances on television and in circuses. At a concert in the Caballo Blanco de Pamplona, Kelly Kids, by now well known in Spain, would be offered a place to stay in Belascoáin. So the Kellys left Ejea de los Caballeros and moved to Belascoáin, Calle Mayor No. 17. When the Kellys left Ejea de los Caballeros, Maribel returned to Gamonal. Linda also left the family for a monastery in Portugal; she would later die of cancer, with her name appearing on the tombstone of Barbara-Ann. In 1976, they went on tour as The Kelly Family, through Italy, Germany and The Netherlands. Their money was stolen during the tour and, penniless, they had to busk on the streets to earn enough for the return trip home.

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