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Lego City Undercover Natalia And Chase

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Managing to infiltrate Rex's hideout, Chase overhears Natalia's father, Henrik Kowalski, being interrogated by Rex and discovers that Blackwell himself organised the crime wave, and had managed to kidnap Natalia to coerce her father to work on his plans. Rescuing Kowalski, Chase calls Ellie with what he learnt, whereupon she informs him that Blackwell recently was in the news with promises he had plans that would change Lego City forever. Proceeding to Blackwell's mansion, he searches it for evidence of Blackwell's crimes and to locate Natalia. Chase soon discovers that Blackwell intends to build a colony on the moon, after his plans to build a shopping mall in Bluebell were thwarted by environmental issues. To facilitate his plans, Blackwell converted his high-rise, Blackwell Tower, into a rocket, which Chase discovers will destroy the city when it's launched. Chase quickly has Henrik and several members in the police department build a force field to prevent the rocket's engines from burning the city down.

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