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Lou Jing 2017

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She ranked as one of the top 30 contestants before being eliminated from the competition. Rumours flared on cyberspace, allegedly citing a press report, that Lou's mother engaged in an extra-marital affair with an African American, resulting in the birth of Lou. Subsequently, a blog entitled "Could Lou Jing's dad be Obama?", where the author of the blog used many sarcastic remarks to ridicule Lou, received particular notoriety. Another blog, titled Lou Jing's American black father and Shanghai mother, appeared on Tianya, a popular Chinese internet forum, and garnered over 40,000 hits, with many vicious racist attacks made on Lou based on her dark skin. Racial slurs such as xiaoheigui (小黑鬼 xiǎohēiguǐ; lit. Little black devil) were made about her. Other bloggers wrote comments such as "Numb! This bitch still has the audacity to appear on television! I don't know what to say! One cannot be shameless to this kind of level!" Lou initially did not discover these comments on the internet until her friends contacted her with messages of support. She also remarked that it was the first time she has experienced such racial hatred in her life. "The whole thing was a big bomb to my family and me, and it caused great harm," Lou told Neteast News on Sept 14.

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