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Marty Wright Slither

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After WWE, Wright returned to the Pro Wrestling Alliance using his Boogeyman gimmick. Later, using a new gimmick called Slither, he wrestled at Northeast Wrestling as The Nightcrawler, defeating Jake Manning. Wright made his debut for The Millennium Wrestling Federation (MWF) at Soul Survivor VI on April 24, 2010. He defeated "Executioner" Brian Milonas. During late December 2011 Wright made an appearance on UWD (United Wrestling Destruction) where he defeated newcomer Harry Janes at the special event "Win Or Lose. " He returned using his old The Boogeyman gimmick at Cyberstarz event of Millennium Wrestling Federation on February 2012, where he defeated Lukas Sharp. After that, he left the wrestling business for quite some time, before he decided to return on July 9, 2012, where he was available on independent scene bookings. On August 11, 2013, Wright using The Boogeyman gimmick made an appearance for Juggalo Championship Wrestling's Bloodymania 7 teaming with Kongo Kong to face 2 Tuff Tony and a returning Vampiro in a losing effort. On September 3, 2017, as The Boogeyman, he defeated The Horror for All Out Mayhem wrestling.

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