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Neapolitan Mastiff Mixed With Cane Corso

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The original prototype for the Neapolitan Mastiff was a dog named Guaglione. Originally, “Cane da presa” were observed by Swiss journalist Piero Scanzani and veterinarian Ruggero Soldati at the first exhibiton show Oct 12, 1946 at the Castel dell’Ovo in NThe eight dogs all varied in size and color - from black, blue and brindle and in phenotype - but one in particular caught the eye of Scanzini - a dog known as Guaglione. Scanziani’s appreciation of Guaglione was not shared by the judges from the north - in a latitudinally conscious country. The judges were working closely with zoologist Professor Giuseppe Solaro, who was instrumental in starting a number of Italian breed standards including the Maltese, Bracco Italians and Maremma Sheepdog among others. Scanziani had hoped they would consider Gugalione’s type to be reminiscent of the ancient molossers of the past and is famed by writing - “In Vain I showed them Guaglione and spoke of the old molossus” - but “the most authoritative of the judges decreed: “the breed is missing, and even the dog is missing”. This last statement can arguably be considered the death blow for a breed already on the brink of extinction. To provide substance was to give the breed Type, and the dog moved away from the Cane de Presa or catch dog - to the Mastino Napoletano.

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