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Now Is Good Quotes

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Tessa goes on a talk show with her over bearing single father where she pokes fun at her terminal diagnosis and approaches it with humor. Tessa is loving and caring towards her brother Cal whom she feels guilty for stealing her parent's attention and gives him days that are all about him while dealing with her father trying to treasure every moment he has left with his daughter while her mother is supportive, but is rarely there for her. Tessa gets the last of her chemotherapy equipment removed from her body so she can live the rest of her days normally. Tessa meets her new neighbor Adam who is taking care of his handicapped widowed mother while putting his own life on hold such as going to college, and Tessa instantly befriends him. Adam joins Tessa and Zoey on their adventures where he takes care of both of them while they take shrooms before going into the forest and finds great ocean side cliffs, followed by going to a party where Tessa and Adam start developing feelings for each other. Tessa and Zoey continue to fulfill Tessa's bucket list by stealing from a store, but while being caught and Tessa discovers Zoey stole a pregnancy test revealing she may be pregnant.

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