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While Deseret News writer Mark Rappleye characterized the show as "full of mind-numbing creepiness", he said that the show "will likely appeal more to believers and less to the even mildly skeptical". According to Rappleye, "Paranormal Witness” simply tells the story, insinuating that everyone should simply believe it as having actually occurred the way it is presented. This leaves little, if any, room for intellectual challenge or edification". New York Times reviewer Neil Genzlinger criticized the show, saying, "It doesn’t bother hunting for hard evidence; it simply uses first-person testimony and re-enactment to sell the idea that someone has had a psychic encounter". Reviewing the show's "Long Island Terror" episode, science writer Sharon A. Hill said, "Paranormal Witness, is not what I would consider a fair documentation. It is not wise to take TV shows at face value. People put forth their story as they perceive it but it may not be how others perceive it or how it actually occurred. Saying there is a demon and Satanic activity associated with the house is a steep claim. Evidence is suggested but without verification we can’t go anywhere with this story".

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