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Satanic Warmaster

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In a 2003 interview for the Finnish metal webzine Imperiumi, Werwolf explained his personal beliefs in a detailed manner: "Pan-European traditional Satanism is a comprehensive ideological and philosophical alignment, which aims for the bettering of an individual and the most beneficial elbow space through the acknowledgement (and partially harnessing) of the dark and destructive (and thus initially creative) force of nature and cosmos. Excluding anything has never been the best option. Satanism constitutes my world view about 100%". In context to his music he explained the reflection of his ideology into his music even further: "Lyrically Satanic Warmaster is a reflection of the Luciferian spirit through the eyes of a young man. I deal with subjects personally and mainly in a very symbolic way. For example I've written symbolic tales of creation and rebirth influenced by folklore, and totalist and elitist visions of what Black Metal's brotherhood should be like. I'm driven to do all this by the flame that burns in my music, the (artistic) aspirations of a man and the light of the black star of the dark lord of nature". In January 2015 Werwolf explained his ideology and the protests towards his music even further, "If someone becomes a “nazi” just by working with or hanging around “the wrong kind of people”, should it not be true in all possible contexts? Unless it is all about the effort of trying to sand down the sharpest edges of modern music. Personally, I could never tie Satanic Warmaster down to the concept of NSBM for the reasons that have been there from 1998: It would not coincide with my conviction and the thoughts I want to convey through my music. To see me crush all the chains of an Abrahamic religion and proclaim my victory in the most insulting way possible, or me seeing good, evil, or lies where, according to political correctness, none should exist, it takes a twisted mind to see all this as a reflection of some political dogma. As I have said before and will say once again: The ideology behind Satanic Warmaster is Satanism and the musical style is black metal. Those, who claim otherwise, do it on the basis of their own feelings and resentment".

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