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When the nuns learn of the kidnapping, the Reverend Mother reveals the truth of Mary Clarence's real identity. Upon hearing them feel at a loss without her help in the choir, she decides to have them come with her and risk their lives to save her. Arriving at Vince's casino, the group searches for Deloris and find her, after she manages to escape from Vince and his men once again. The group quickly attempts to confuse the mobsters while sneaking out Deloris, but end up becoming trapped in the casino lounge. Not wishing to risk the group's lives, Deloris prepares to sacrifice herself, and even Vince and his men have difficulty bringing themselves to shoot Deloris while she's in a nun's habit. The delay is long enough for the police led by Souther, to arrive and arrest Vince and his men. Despite being annoyed at the risk and other things Deloris did to the convent, the Reverend Mother thanks her for what she has done and decides to remain at the convent to continue her work. Returning to San Francisco, the choir, led by Deloris, sing "I Will Follow Him" to packed audience in the refurbished Saint Katherine's, receiving a standing ovation from all, including the Pope.

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