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In March 2019, Turner was asked in a Rolling Stone interview about her sexuality after mentioning boys as well as girls, stating that she finds herself loving "a soul, not a gender. " During the same interview, she lists herself as 'Boy George,' alluding to the internet comparison between her and 1980's era musician Boy George. She also discusses the "occult-looking" triangular tattoo on her left bicep, noting that it is based upon “Plato’s theory that the soul is comprised of three parts — reason, spirit and appetite. ” Turner's brother Will has a matching one; "he’s supposed to be the 'Spirit” part'. Her other brother James, is Reason,” she says, but chose not to get a tattoo. “I’m Appetite,” Turner says. “Because I’m hungry for everything. I need everything. Not material-wise, but I need to do these jobs and I have to consume every­thing. And, also, I like eating. ” On her right arm is an outline of a bunny "with something a little off about its back legs", interviewer Brian Hiatt notes. “It has no significance whatsoever,” Turner says. “A lot of people say it looks like bunnies fucking each other. ” She also has a tattoo with the words 'The Pack Survives'.

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