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Surface Warfare Officer Pin

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Junior officers, typically Ensigns, assigned to the surface warfare community are known as “unqualified” or "non-quals" until they receive qualification as a Surface Warfare Officer and receive the Surface Warfare Officer (SWO) pin. Surface line personnel who are not yet qualified have the 1160 officer designator: once qualified they receive the 1110 designator. Prior to 2018, junior officers were granted 18 months to qualify as Surface Warfare Officers; failing to do within the time period so meant either separation from the service or applying to transfer to another warfare community. The collisions of USS JOHN S. MCCAIN (DDG-56) and USS FITZGERALD (DDG-62) brought about a change in qualification standards. Unqualified junior officers now have no time limit to qualify within the two years of their first tour, and now must qualify solely before they transfer to their next command. Failing to qualify prevents the officer from transferring. Officers who are separated from the SWO community are known as “SWO non-attains” and this designation is entered into the officer's permanent military record.

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