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Her first book, The Forage House, was published in 2013 by Red Hen Press. In this book, Taylor, a white descendant of Thomas Jefferson, reckons with this heritage. In gathering materials for this book, Taylor received funding from the American Antiquarian Society and the International Center for Jefferson Studies to conduct research over two summers at Monticello, the primary plantation of Thomas Jefferson. Former Poet laureate of the United States Natasha Trethewey remarked that "The Forage House is a brave and compelling collection that bears witness to the journey of historical discovery. Sifting through archives, artifact, and souvenir, Taylor presents a dialectic of what’s recorded and what’s not, unearthing the traces that give way to her own history—and a vital link to our shared American past. What’s here and accounted for draws us powerfully toward what’s absent; what seems complete here never is—something as fragmented as history in the language, as haunted too. "

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