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Tsukune Aono Holy Lock

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Ikeda has mentioned that he has great respect for real-life teachers, so he designed the monster ones to contrast that and be more comical. He also introduced Fangfang Huang to increase the number of male characters and to attract more female readers. He created a male counterpart that looks feminine to increase the comic element. During the development of Season II, he also acknowledged that the series would have a finite ending. He introduced San Otonashi to reflect the feelings and struggles of young people as they ponder their futures and transitioning into the working world. [S2 v5 author's notes] In Season II, Volume 8, he noted that he had to postpone the publishing date because he took so much time in drawing it. [S2 v8 author's notes] In Season II, Volume 11, he mentions his favorite manga characters from other series are: Dio (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure), Toguro (Yu Yu Hakusho), Hakumen (Ushio To Tora), and Master Kogan (Shigurui) - the villains who "have an inimitable style and play by their own rules. They're powerful and dark, but there's something melancholy about them too as well. . . and that's what draws me to them. " He hopes his villains (Aqua, Gyokuro, Miyabi, Kiria, and others) would draw readers. [S2 v11 author's notes]

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